#AmenGoesThere Devotional Book

#AmenGoesThere Devotional Book

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Psalm 90, a song of Moses and the oldest psalm of them all, teaches about the brevity of life as well as its pain and hardship. We all know this to be true. Life is difficult. However, that does not make the idea of joy impossible. In fact, verse 12 (the verse upon which the whole psalm pivots) states this: “So teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”

The psalmist goes on to describe how the Lord makes us glad in the morning, and how we may experience joy even in days of affliction. Amazing! But remember, verse 12 is the prerequisite. We must “number our days” in order to experience such joy... meaning that we must count them each as separate and special. Each day therefore is a new mercy. Each day is another opportunity for peace. Each day, though possibly filled with hardship, is a gift from God that we may find His presence indeed sufficient.

My friend, Pervis Hall, has given us a wonderful tool to help us number our days and thereby experience the wisdom of God for living in them. This book speaks about joy and peace in all of life— even in the hard days— which, by the way, is the only place where true joy and peace is found. This book will encourage you to walk with God and turn to Him. It will remind you that God is sovereign in all of life’s circumstances. It will encourage you to move forward when you feel like giving up.

I’m thankful for such an empowering and encouraging work. I believe you will be too.

Amen Goes There!

Mike Ayers, Ph.D.