My Inspiration/ Devotionals

Cancer can be cruel… This disease took my momma from a healthy and vibrant woman full of jokes to a bedbound paralytic. She lost tremendous amounts of weight, her voice & most of her motor skills, but the one thing she never lost her faith. Understanding her fate, she never got outwardly angry or bitter. My momma suffered stately; as if she was on a mission.

It was Tuesday, December 14th, 1999 around 11:00pm that the doctors at MD Anderson entered the waiting room to advise me that my mother would not make it through the night. It was in this moment that I told the doctors, family & everyone assembled that I wanted to talk to my mom alone. My mom prior to this point had been non-responsive for two weeks, but her vital signs were normal (which is why we took her to the hospital in the first place).

But as I entered the room to speak with my mom for what I believed would be the last time on this side of Heaven. I began to tell her that she didn’t have to worry about my little brother & sister; that I would do my best to take care of them. I told her that I loved her. I thanked her for all that she sacrificed for me (still unresponsive).

Then I said to her “Momma, I believe that God is calling to preach the Gospel” and after these words fell from my lips… she opened her eyes, smiled & squeezed my hand. It was like the words I spoke; were the words she was waiting on. It was like hearing me say those words gave her the release she was waiting for.

Well, the next day came and early that morning the nurses came in to bath my momma, and right after they got through bathing her; she breathed her last breath on this side of Heaven.

And when she died…

  • Yes… I wanted to throw in the towel
  • Yes… I wanted life to stop
  • Yes… I felt like giving up

I share this story today because this wasn't the last time in my life that I wanted to give up and maybe you're reading this with similar thoughts of “giving up” running through your mind…

If so… can I share something with you?

When my momma died I had to learn how to view her death from a different perspective. I had to see myself being used of God and the death of my momma as a small part of Gods larger plan.

And just the fact you happen to be on my website today is not coincidence but its a testament to what my momma always told me when I was a little boy…

“Whatever They Can Do You Can Do Better”

In other words, what my momma was telling me is what i want to tell you today…

"Don’t Give Up!!!! He can do whatever you need HIM to do"